Company profile

About us and the industry

Taking care of business

MCi faces increasing demand every year. Our business is expanding, with new plants being created and new manufacturing lines put in. We continually oversee investor’s interests and review our strategy on risk management with great care. We strive to be open and fair; being independent allows us to be a trusted business partner to everyone we work with.

Taking care of people

At MCi we take great care of how we do business, and how we treat our own. As the global leader in actuators and powerfolds, we are driven to reduce our energy and raw material consumption and to exceed environmental regulations. Respect for our surroundings also applies to each and every employee. Safety and good health is key at all our plants around the world.


Growing at full speed

The global car market continues to show growth, and the penetration of activators and especially powerfolds is showing double-digit growth annually. MCi is leading the way with excellent quality and extreme durability within an accessible price range. OEMs see the perks of our standards, and mirror manufacturers can use that to everyone’s advantage.

Delivering quality

Our continuing stream of innovations - small and large - help OEMs to raise the bar of their automotive products. We are growing from our plants in the Netherlands, Ireland, Mexico, China, the USA, South Korea and Japan. This means we are flexible, right where clients need us the most, and can easily sustain this growth. When it comes to mindset and location, MCi is uniquely placed.

We are truly independent

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