1964 - First Mirror Glass Actuator patent

1972 - First Mirror Glass Actuator in mass-production for BMW E12

1986 - First Mirror Glass Actuator in truck

1992 - First communication electronics in Mirror Glass Actuator

1993 - First Powerfold in Europe

2003 - First silent Mirror Glass Actuator

2004 - First Bayonet Mounted Powerfold

2005 - First Double Detent Powerfold

2009 - First LIFT in Powerfold

2012 - First ULTRALIGHT all plastic powerfold

2013 - First silent Powerfold

2015 - One billion products produced

Our actuators

Best in class

MCi's product portfolio of innovative glass actuation and power-folding solutions represents the widest range of applications in the industry. Products, each designed with unique performance characteristics creating attractive and flexible customer solutions.

MCi’s unique focus on mirror actuators has allowed the company to develop a market leading product portfolio. Its products are widely recognized as best-in-class and surpass all its competitors’ products on key product features.

Our first program was with BMW in 1972 and currently we are the preferred supplier at all major OEM’s worldwide. Our rear-view mirror actuators are compact, fit in a wide range of mirror styles and are compatible with worldwide OEM requirements. Today, MCi is still a valued supplier to the BMW group.

Glass Actuators

980 series

Small Passenger cars

  • compact design
  • low weight

300 series

Passenger cars

  • premium sound
  • excellent image stability

860 series

SUV's and trucks

  • premium sound
  • available with memory

Powerfold actuators

29X series

Small Passenger cars

  • ultralow weight
  • lift: reducing wind noise
  • bayonet: reducing assembly costs

21X series

Passenger cars

  • available with premium sound
  • lift: reducing wind noise
  • double detent: image stability at any condition

270 series


  • heavy duty applications
  • double detent: image stability at any condition

Performance differentiators

Technology leadership with best-in-class engineering capabilities lead to outstanding product features.

MCi glass actuation products differentiate through best in class vibration stability, weight and size, fit and function and endurance, for Power-folding actuation additional key differentiators are in place like “lift” and “double detent” functionality.

Products are produced under a decentralised model across the globe with centralised engineering, support and quality management structures. All products are produced from an in-house design, using highly automated assembly lines reducing loss control situations in our manufacturing processes. As a result MCi’s products perform to the highest industry standards.

Innovation power

The next generation of products is under design at our advanced research group. By being in close contact with our end markets and end users MCi is constantly developing its innovation roadmap addressing many to most customer and market trends enabling MCi to maintain a preferred industry partner status with a leading product position in the automotive industry.

MCi’s leading technologies have made these products the industry benchmark in support of total customer satisfaction. Global IP management is an integrated part of the MCi design and development processes ensuring MCi will have long term benefits from its intellectual property.