Perfect image stability

The Hummingbird way

The Hummingbird reflects our passion for perfect stability at high speed movement. Our leading edge gear design capabilities have enabled MCi to set the industry standard in vibration technology at mirror actuation level.


Raising performance standards

Guaranteed functionality under extreme conditions

Good, better, best. We aim to raise industry standards through superior performance combined with guaranteed functionality under severe conditions.

Thinking ahead

Delivering innovation

Innovation is embedded in our DNA. We are passionate about raising industry standards and are driven by a desire for perfection. MCi has a leading patent position allowing us to offer multiple innovative solutions which create a strong base for further innovations.

Customer focus

Easy to do business with

We offer more than just a product. Our guiding principle is that it must be easy to do business with MCi. We push ourselves to facilitate a personal approach. Our global presence, combined with local language capabilities allows us to service our customers 24 hours a day.

Adjusting to your needs

Flexibility and execution speed

Our customer’s interest is our interest. Our operating principles provide us the flexibility and speed to adjust to our customer’s needs whenever or wherever. Being ahead of the cycle makes the difference, flexibility and execution speed keep us there.

Our people

Respect for know-how

At MCi we have high standards. Our people, with over 50 years’ experience in mirror actuation development and manufacturing, have gathered a remarkable expertise. Our culture encourages a working environment build on continuous improvements and knowledge sharing. Respect for know-how is a way to create this environment.

Developing partners

Together we are stronger

To capture trends in engineering and design, we exchange knowledge with industry partners in early stages. We synchronize our design concepts with vehicle and mirror manufacturers ensuring these concepts to meet or exceed their expectations. These relationships are built on common understanding and trust, translating into long term partnerships.

Our philosophy

Reaching for the highest professional standards

We promise ourselves every day to act fairly and ethically. MCi wants to be valued for our high business ethics captured in our Code of Conduct. We believe in open and fair competition and we continuously reach for the highest professional standards.

Global coverage

In the region for the region

MCi provides actuation solutions to all global vehicle and mirror manufacturers and operates under a centralized model with regional execution. Manufacturing locations in China, Ireland and Mexico combined with regional engineering support centers in USA, Netherlands and Korea makes it easy to do business with MCi.

Manufacturing capabilities

No room for surprises

Our products are designed for automated assembly. These in-house design capabilities have resulted in highly automated global production capabilities. MCi’s manufacturing and quality control capabilities leave no room for surprises and are utilized 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Industry experience

Proof is in the pudding

MCi invented the Glass actuator in 1964 and first products went in mass production in 1972 where our launch partner BMW, introduced the first electric actuator on their E12 platform. Today, BMW is still a valued customer.