About us

Diversified Innovative Actuator Supplier

MCi is a diversified innovative actuator supplier providing smart solutions for the automotive industry. We are the global market leader in side-view mirror actuators and we provide customers with new actuation solutions for active aerodynamics and digital vision systems / camera monitor systems.

MCi is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Flex, Sketch-to-Scale®. solutions provider that designs and builds intelligent products for a smarter, more connected world.

MCi invented the electric glass actuator and in 1972 the first electric glass actuator went into mass production for the BMW E12.

Key facts

  • Global no. 1 manufacturer of glass and power-fold actuators
  • Approximately 1200 employees
  • 40 R&D engineers
  • Over 250 years of engineering experience
  • 27 products and derivatives since 2001
  • Over 100 patents filed since 1997
  • Global supplier to all top-10 global OEMs
  • Global supplier to 40 of the top-50 platforms
  • Producing more than 80 million actuators per year

Our products can be found in your daily life as MCi supplies more than 80 million actuators per year. With approximately 1200 employees we are the supplier to all of the top 11 global OEM platforms.

MCi is also a key development partner to premium OEMs for product innovations such as unique features in power-folding actuators well protected through global patents and production / process know-how.

Reducing CO2 Emissions

MCi has set environmental sustainability goals to reduce its CO2 emission footprint. Key initiatives range from product design and production processes to transport and travel.

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