Active Aerodynamics

Supporting A Wide Range of Systems

Initiatives worldwide to lower vehicle (ICE) emissions and extend EV range have given a tremendous boost to the application of active aerodynamics, such as Active Grille Shutters (AGS) and Active Air Dam systems.

For this we developed our second-generation actuator solutions, including motion control intelligence. Our modular approach intelligently supports cost-effectiveness, more complex and high-performance systems. 


Different sized AGS systems that need to perform under extreme weather and driving conditions lead to the use of more high-performance actuators. MCi active aero actuators fulfil this requirement by taking a leading position in drive torque and speed.


Our modular approach supports a wide range of active aero systems, from simple to complex and small to large. Our rotary and linear actuators support high speed motion control and high torque for challenging applications.


The growth of actuator usage calls for a smarter use of electronics, which is why we developed our Lead-Follow Architecture. It offers improved actuator cost-effectiveness and reduces the wire harness for full-face shutter systems. In addition, it enables speed and position synchronization, improves LIN bus efficiency and supports a low number of LIN nodes.


We see a trend in the development of active aero applications with a safety ranking. Our actuators are standard equipped with electronic fail-safe, triggered by incorrect data packages. In addition, our mechanical fail-safe solution provides the system safety backup in case of power loss, when failure is not an option.

About Active Aerodynamics

Active Aerodynamics are a set of automotive applications to increase fuel efficiency, reduce vehicle (ICE) emissions and increase the mileage-range of electric vehicles. To optimize the air flow around the car (active) kinematic panels are used to reduce aerodynamic drag. It can also be used to improve thermodynamic control within the engine bay.

Which applications to use depend on the vehicle type and car makers tailor their active aero systems accordingly. MCi sees opportunities for mutual aligning applications. This will result in a better system performance and a new approach in controlling intelligence.

Today, the Active Grille Shutter (AGS) is perhaps the most widely adopted application. This system deploys automatically in response to certain road and thermal conditions, such as speed and temperature. For this and other active aero applications MCi has developed a flexible high performance actuation system.

Active Aero Actuator
G10 / G30

With / without integrated electronics
Available in high speed / high torque
Single or Lead-Follow architecture
With / without speed / position sync

Active Aero Actuator
G20 / G40 / G50

Mechanical Fail-Safe
With / without park function
Available in high speed / high torque
Single or Lead-Follow architecture