Mirror Adjustment

Power Folding Actuators

Our long time experience with power-folding mirror actuators has resulted in unique features that provide clear advantages for Tier 1 and OEM customers, such as Lift and Double Detent.

Our next generation powerfolds support the requirements for modern mirrors and mirror content. Enhanced features and capabilities include higher mirror head weight, lower actuator weight and a large pivot hole to support a large wire harness.

29X Series

Small Passenger Cars

21X Series

Passenger Cars I SUV's

28X Series

SUV's I Trucks I LCV's

Mirror Glass Actuators

MCi is the inventor of electric mirror glass adjustment and provides a solution for all vehicle segments in all performance classes. MCi glass actuation products differentiate through best in class vibration stability, weight, size, fit and endurance.

980 Series

Small Passenger Cars

300 Series

Passenger Cars I SUV's

850 Series

SUV's I VANS I Trucks I LCV's