Actuators for Automotive Applications

Our actuators are widely recognized as best-in-class and they deliver key advantages based on innovative unique performance characteristics. Our rear-view mirror actuators are compact, fit in a wide range of mirror styles and meet worldwide OEM requirements.

For active aerodynamics applications MCi has developed game changing Active Grille Shutter technology, providing smart actuator control with centralized intelligence, fail-safe integration and high class performance.

Powerfold Actuators

29X Series

Small Passenger Cars

21X Series

Passenger Cars

28X Series


Glass Adjustment Actuators

980 Series

Small Passenger Cars

300 Series

Passenger Cars

850 Series


Active Aero Actuators

G10 / G30


G20 / G40


Performance Differentiators

Technology leadership with best-in-class engineering capabilities lead to outstanding product features. By being in close contact with our end markets and end users MCi is constantly developing its innovation roadmap addressing many to most customer and market trends.

MCi glass actuation products differentiate through best in class vibration stability, weight and size, fit and function and endurance. For Power-folding actuation additional key differentiators are in place like “lift” and “double detent” functionality.

Products are produced under a decentralised model across the globe with centralised engineering, support and quality management structures. All products are produced from an in-house design, using highly automated assembly lines.

MCi’s leading technologies have made these products the industry benchmark in support of total customer satisfaction. Global IP management is an integrated part of the MCi design and development processes ensuring MCi will have long term benefits from its intellectual property.