Product Leadership

We are driven by product leadership and operational excellence and we translate the voice of the customer into market leading products. Our engineering teams are recognized in the industry for continuously delivering trendsetting innovations from Sketch-to-Scale®.

MCi is ambitious and forward looking, our engineering and operational excellence culture is part of our DNA. MCi’s design capabilities combined with global IP ownership and our well defined innovation roadmaps makes MCi a preferred industry development partner.

World Class Quality

Customer and supplier quality management is managed through MCi HQ structures. In addition, each manufacturing plant has its dedicated quality manager reporting to this global quality group. Critical plant operating metrics reported through a monthly Balance Score Card for review and implantation of sharing best practices.

MCi is IATF 16949 certified, which is one of the most widely used international standards for quality management in the automotive industry. The IATF organization published the IATF16949 standard as a supplement towards the ISO9001 standard in order to meet the high quality standards of the Automotive industry.

With over 40 design and process engineers in R&D and MCi’s unique focus on actuation technology, the company has developed market leading engineering and innovation skills. These capabilities are widely recognized as being best-in-class and translate themselves in design for manufacturing and assembly concepts as well as improved product and performance features.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing

MCi’s manufacturing equipment is highly automated, providing an industry leading position in operational efficiency with global production capabilities at 24/7, 365 days a year.

MCi produces in the region for the region in Ireland, Mexico and China to shorten customer’s lead times and to minimize their inventory, transportation and import duty costs. Our customer support centers are located in China, USA, Japan, India, Korea and the Netherlands.

Our manufacturing principle is based on keeping it “Standard and Simple“. We operate standard assembly processes including standardized injection molding tools and machines across all 3 locations.