Reducing CO2 Emissions

MCi has set environmental sustainability goals to reduce its CO2 emission footprint. Key initiatives range from product design and production processes to transport and travel.

Product Design

Reduced weight and size
One of the key measures to reduce CO2 emissions is to reduce the weight and dimensions of our actuators. MCi leads the way with products featuring the lowest weight in their class.

Fuel saving active aerodynamics
MCi develops innovative products for active aerodynamics applications that contribute to lower vehicle CO2 emissions. As an example, Active Grille Shutters are integrated into the vehicle’s front intake grille to alter the flow of air to the engine, fuel-sparing aerodynamics when closed. MCi is proud to be an actuation innovator for this application.


Energy consumption
By reducing energy consumption in our manufacturing processes and logistics we further reduce the impact of our operations on the environment. We are in the process of replacing hydraulic injection molding machines for electric versions, which operate about 30% more energy efficient. In addition, MCi uses ‘green’ power from renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar power, where it is locally available.

Transport and Travel

In the region for the region
We believe in servicing our customers and sourcing our components and materials locally, reducing transport and travel. Our manufacturing plants are located in Mexico, Ireland and China and additional warehouse and/or support facilities are located in India, Japan and Korea.

We encourage environmentally friendly commuter traffic and our travel policy clearly defines the conditions for air travel and stimulates responsible decision making.

Measuring Performance

MCi has implemented a CO2-reduction management system, which consists of: 1. identifying the energy balance by defining the energy consumers, 2. determining the reduction measures and 3. an audit system.

MCi started using the Envirometer to provide clear insight in its CO2 emission footprint to accurately monitor and evaluate progress in the CO2 emission reduction.