Sensor Clean & Protect

Modular Clean & Protect solution

With the objective of providing more safety, ADAS solutions will use an increasing number of optical sensors, from Camera to LiDAR.

In real life these high-end sensors get dirty, leading to downtime of this expensive system. MCi developed a mechanical cleaning solution that uses an industry-low amount of cleaning fluid while delivering a cutting-edge clean sensor.  

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The ideal cleaning device cleans all types of contamination under all conditions and driving speeds in the shortest possible time. MCi offers this with a mechanical cleaning solution where one-directional wiping removes a wide variety of solid and liquid contaminants and improves aesthetics through internal contamination guiding.

LiDAR data plot of a STOP sign before (L) and after (R) 1 cleaning cycle, consuming 2ml cleaning fluid


A reduction in cleaning fluid usage of 90% compared to conventional nozzle based cleaning systems is achieved with the MCi mechanical cleaning unit. The addition of a protection cover assures that no fluid is wasted at highway driving speeds. Last but not least fluid contaminants like rain are easily removed without the use of any cleaning fluid.


Why have your expensive sensor exposed to contaminants and UV radiation when it is not in use? The integrated protection cover prevents contamination and prolongs coating lifetime and improves the vehicles aesthetics at the same time.

Integrated Clean & Protect solution in closed (L) and open (R) position


The modular design is easily adapted to different sizes and configurations of LiDAR sensors. Adaptation to single and/or double curved shaped lenses fits also within the possibilities. A wide variety of programmable cleaning protocols can be defined to optimize the cleaning operation for each condition.

MCi PACE Pilot 2022 Finalist

About Sensor Clean & Protect


Autonomous/ADAS functions are developed to help minimize human error while increasing safety. In parallel local & regional governments are increasing targets/regulations (i.e., UN2030 safety goal / EU A9-0211/2021) for road safety. Very noticeable is the trend of OEMs promising safer self-driving cars to customers and investors. Important to note is that local legislation are allocating OEM responsibility when a vehicle is self-driving.


In practice expensive vision sensors will get contaminated leading to sensor or even full autonomous/ADAS down time. Once sensors are contaminated a L3 car will perform a driver hand-back which can be a high risk and re-introduces human error. If a system is down or functioning sub-optimally due to contaminated sensors, safety and convenience are impacted.


Cleaning the sensors while driving will improve the autonomous/ADAS functionality up time. Cleaning systems in the market are mainly fluid nozzle based. It is found that such systems consume large amounts of cleaning fluid and are not able to effectively clean all types of contamination. Further limitation is that fluid type contamination like rain is not solved with a fluid nozzle-based cleaning system. MCi has developed a mechanical cleaning system that solves those issues by cleaning in a very effective and fluid efficient way.

LIDAR Sensor Active Position

LiDAR sensor is able to map the environment.

LIDAR Sensor Protected Position

Sensor is protected from its environment, either during cleaning or when not in use.