MCi takes pride in the fact that for over 50 years, we have been engineering and producing glass actuators and power folds to the automotive industry worldwide. Our products can be found in rear view mirrors of almost any car manufacturer. Today, we are the leading supplier for these products in the industry worldwide. MCi is the clear technology leader in the industry with:

  • Best in class engineering capabilities;
  • Close relationships with OEMs and tier-1s technical departments;
  • Outperformance on key OEM requirements; and
  • An extensive patent portfolio.

Our business is expanding driven by customer demand and continuous innovation. Our customers operate in a highly competitive environment and so do we. Talent acquisition and retention are key to maintain our position. The MCi-culture is all about professionalism, team performance, product leadership, know-how and customer focus. High company ethics are incorporated in our behavior and business practices. A consistent and well-designed HR policy has allowed MCi to build a highly committed workforce with a very low turnover and absentee levels.

MCI offers competitive pay, career opportunities and benefits depending on local regulations and culture. We design motivating working conditions. Career opportunities are based on your effort, impact and taking on new assignments. As the company grows, we need you to grow as well. The company facilitates that growth and creates the conditions, and we expect you to initiate it.

Our employees are very committed. Joining MCI means joining a global company, with locations in The Netherlands, Ireland, United States, Mexico, Korea and China. Career opportunities can include international mobility.

Where do you fit? Let’s find out. Just send your resume to Our HR team contacts you upon your application.

Employee testimonials 

Employees at MCi take great pride in their job. Read more about it in their testimonials.

Julio Salinas – Quality Manager

‘The whole enchilada’

Working on an automotive’s niche industry leader has allowed me to experience team work at a global scale; where systems and processes promote continuous improvement. I learning new technologies and acquire a quality body of knowledge on a company with a sound financial condition. At MCi, you will find the whole thing!

Heather Golden – Document Controller in the Quality Department

‘A challenging environment’

Having worked with this Company for 20 years I can honestly say that every day brings a new challenge which is why I enjoy my work. MCi continues to grow and expand in the automotive industry and I believe the opportunity for personal development and promotion in MCi is very realistic. This is one of the reasons employees remain over time.

Sigrid van Leeuwen – Product Designer

‘Witness the whole process’

I appreciate the variety of work at MCi; one day I am designing and making CAD models on the computer, another day I receive the prototype parts and build samples in the model shop. Meanwhile I follow tests in the test lab and see directly the effect of the created ideas. The whole process, from idea to production part, can be followed.

Léon Straver – Project Leader Molding

‘Raising knowledge’

Starting as a mold designer, I experienced it’s not just making some automotive parts for mirror actuators. It’s about a company with knowledge on all levels, starting with research and ending up with a successful product as a market leader. As a technician it’s very attractive to raise knowledge, by using modern techniques.

Marius Brand – Product Manager

‘Exciting workplace’

Developing products for the automotive industry is serious business. The tight balance between quality, cost and performance makes it both challenging and exciting. The sheer production volume allows us to do what’s needed to be the best in the market place. Successful innovative products created by teams of professionals that can make the difference. I’m proud to be part of this environment and it generates joy and satisfaction.